CCRE - Centre for Spatial Communication and Representation - is a research group that belongs to the R&D of FAUP – Faculty of Architecture, University of Porto - and has, in collaboration with CITYSCOPIO – Cultural Association, initiated a project of an annual international contest on photography narratives – CITYSCOPIO - ESPAÇO F - FAUP International Photography Narrative Contest.

CCRE is engaged in research related to city and cultural spaces, which wants to improve Public Participation endorsing a participatory perspective that we believe to be the way to cultivate societies multiple public interests – a society-centered view of government and the ability to let pluralism live making possible a place for subjective rationalities of individual citizens within the planning, design and communication process of their cities.

Through its online platforms, CCRE also envisions to improve communication techniques and methodologies for the interchange of information on architecture and cityscapes, exploring several digital media, especially photography to explore and inform about city space and architecture and contribute to open university/academic researches to society and its city. These online platforms constitute a powerful medium through which diverse collaborative studies are accomplished inside and outside the academic environment.

Thus, CCRE has diverse Research Projects and Didactic Experiences focused on Photography of Architecture and Public Space, which are available on-line and through diverse publications.

CCRE’s activities, concerned with the teaching of Photography always intended to be based on the perception of the urban space and its social, individual and physical components, as well as on the production of a visual communication that is pertinent and appealing to several kinds of audience. Apart from our teaching experiences, we acknowledged that there was a potential and a personal interest from all the CCRE team members to further develop our research on Photography, Architecture, Public Space and Public Participation.

CCRE has also tried to involve the students in the research, thus they have been always stimulated to join the diverse research initiatives and to make use of them as examples for their academic photography projects. Through this strategy, students attained a better personal and institutional relationship between the academic world and the ‘real’ world, as well as inside knowledge of the research developed by CCRE and the other institutions and groups with which it works with.

This contest is a significant example of a research project focused on building visual narratives on physical and conceptual configurations of city space’s - between urban and architecture - and of how people, in their daily life and work, appropriate, accommodate and challenge city spaces.

It is intended to initiate a body of work made up of visual narratives communicating the diversity of the settlements and urban settings, both nationally and internationally, and to create, in the near future, a "living catalogue" able to communicate both the transient and the enduring of the public spaces, architecture and social settings nature.