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The mission of YOUR GUIMARÃES is to promote the public involvement in a collective work for the video record of Memories, Experiences, Occupations, Public Spaces and Architecture about the city of Guimarães, which makes it a significant civil society action running aside with the PROFESSIONAL CONTEST.

The aim is for YOUR GUIMARÃES to function as a unique space for communication and dissemination of content between Guimarães citizens (and others as well) which will serve as a living record, in the form of video, of the history of people and places of Guimaraes. The videos – moving pictures showing people, habits, experiences and uses of space, shall necessarily integrate a public space or monument(s) or individual building(s) of Guimarães as background, in order to identify the space where they were created.

YOUR GUIMARÃES is therefore a public call, open to all people with some connection or interest towards the city of Guimarães. The call will work on a Facebook group created and managed by Espaço F-FAUP and by CCRE (, organizations responsible for these events ( ). Anyone with the interest in participating in the call may require their inclusion in this group in order to be able to participate and see other users' participation. Each entry must be comprised (in addition to the video) by a description containing information on the date of filming, the name(s) of the author(s), and about people and places depicted.

This way YOUR GUIMARÃES tries to answer through the creative process to the need for a greater public participation, encouraging people to actively participate on the creation of a database of moving images that reflect the look of people who visit, work and live in Guimarães. This may be the beginning of a project to build a collective memory database about other cities that can later be extended to photography.