To promote photography as a research tool that allows to (re)discover new perspectives about how people live, work and appropriate their spatial settings. The aim is to bring participants to explore, question and discuss the potential of photography as a way to question and represent urban reality.

To search for new talents and foster the awareness of visual narratives about the territory, both in Portugal and abroad, appealing for the enhancement of human, cultural and intellectual values and heritage.

To strengthen our research platforms and architectural and public spaces photography sites and use them for the publication and divulgation of the contest photography narratives:







To create a specific site for the competition where it will be possible to inform, in a dynamic and interactive way, all the particularities of the contest and from where, in future, will be possible to visualize the various photography narrative projects from each contest. This web site will communicate information about the jury and the comments of followers / reviewers of the contest, as well as the public´s poll and commentaries on the entries. The group of followers will be composed by a set of persons of recognized competence connected to the world of photography, architecture and contemporary art, as well as the publishing industry related to these subjects. The followers / reviewers will track this contest closely and will provide feedback and criticism on the various photography narratives of the participants.